Which JavaScript Framework/Libraries to Consider for your App

JavaScript is a multi-paradigm language of programming that allows both imperative and event-based programming styles. JavaScript Framework is being used for a lot more than only client-side programming. Frameworks make it simple to work because they do either very so few code configurations.

JavaScript Framework to consider for your App

There are several programming languages along with their frameworks in the market that allow coding mobile apps for iOS and Android. Among many programming languages and frameworks that work, JavaScript is considered one of the most versatile scripting languages, with many frameworks capable of creating full-flexed mobile apps.

JavaScript is sweeping the Mobile app development market. It was initially developed as a technology for creating dynamic web pages on the internet. With the arrival of many frameworks of JavaScript for mobile app development, Developers have discovered a sorted way to design interactive UI with fewer lines of code. The usage of javascript for mobile app development is quickly becoming a standard practice among programmers and gaining huge popularity.

There are dozens of JavaScript frameworks for developing web, desktop, and mobile apps. Let’s discuss An Ideal framework of javaScript for Creating Scalable, Effective, and Efficient Mobile Apps for your business.

JavaScript Framework to consider for your App
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React Native

React Native is a cross-platform mobile app development framework of javaScript which can create a native app running on Android and iOS. It’s based on Facebook’s JavaScript toolkit, i.e., reach for creating user interfaces, which it’s designed for mobile devices rather than the web. As a result, the app looks like any other mobile app because it is rendered using the actual mobile UI components. It is lightweight and fast.
Hiring a react native developer for your business will allow you to create an app for android iso with a single code base. As a consequence, companies may create an engaging app that customers like.

Why Choose React Native?

Allow integrating components of native code written in Objective-C, Swift, or Java with React Native code.
Cross-platform; supports iOS and Android platforms with a single codebase.
Supports 3rd party plugins.

Native Script

NativeScript is an open-source framework for developing mobile apps for iOS and Android.
Users are drawn to NativeScript because of its customized technology stack. To offer a native-like experience, it uses CSS and JavaScript to render the UI.

NativeScript is written in TypeScript or JavaScript, basically any JavaScript-related language. NativeScript is compatible with frameworks such as Vue.js and Angular.

Why Choose Native Script?

  • Allow development of cross-platform applications which can run on any device, either iOS or Android.
  • Supports current and previous native libraries.
  • Constantly changing its features and versions to stay up with current and future mobile OS versions.

Mobile Angular UI

It is another of the trendy open-source front-end development frameworks backed by google to build a cross-platform mobile app with native performance.
Mobile Angular UI delivers a powerful collection of UI components that enable the development of any kind of mobile app. It uses Twitter Bootstrap and AngularJS to create attractive HTML5 hybrid mobile and desktop apps. It’s a high-performance and efficient framework for building mobile apps that run safely on the platforms of your choice. Though there are many hybrid frameworks for app development, not all are based on solely JavaScript but there are worthy enough to be considered.

Why Choose Mobile Angular UI?

  • It has a feature to convert templates into highly optimized code for faster runtime performance.
  • Creates a great mobile experience with AngularJS directives.
  • Navbars, scrollable regions, accordions, dropdowns, modals, overlays, sections, navigation bars, toggle switches, tabs, and other mobile components are included in the framework itself.

JQuery Mobile

JQuery Mobile is a popular user interface framework based on the jQuery library, created by John Resig in 2006.
It is small in size, has a strong theming framework, and has a simple API that makes it easy to create fully responsive mobile apps. Similarly, jQuery has a large collection of UI components that can be used to change the appearance of any app. UI designers may easily construct efficient web layouts with appealing images using jQuery. It also comes with a tool for quickly designing custom themes to improve the look of your mobile app.

Why Choose JQuery?

  •  Works with various frameworks like PhoneGap, Whitelight, and others.
  • Includes a collection of touch-friendly form inputs and user interface widgets.
  • Cross-platform compatibility doesn’t need to worry about writing different code for different platforms.


Ionic is an open-source AngularJS framework that lets developers leverage a mix of web technologies such as HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. 

The developer may utilize these technologies to create a unique user experience and include user-friendly features for mobile phones. The developer can further deploy their code to the cloud. It provides a facility to run code on a virtual emulator where you can see the changes in real-time.

Why Choose Ionic?

  •  Availability of various tools that allow drag and drop facility.
  • Allow the creation of clean, simple, and functional apps. Also consist of pre-designed components, typography, interactive paradigms, and theme.
  • Cross-platform compatibility.

There are several JavaScript Frameworks/ libraries for mobile to pick from. You might be confused about which one to choose for your business. You should create an app thoroughly after examining your project’s needs. Then, based on your intended functionality, choose a framework and pay close attention to your technological stack. You must remain focused on the functionality that the frameworks offer and their efficiency meanwhile ensuring that it fulfills your specific requirements within your budget. If you are in a dilemma about which one to choose for your business, connect with us for your next project.


To build a new app for your business and expand your business, a JavaScript framework/library could be ideal. Before making a choice, spend time with your team and enlist the features and functionality. We’d be delighted to offer your Company a fresh start. Simply contact us, and we will create an App that meets your Company’s requirements.

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