Developing eCommerce App in 2022: Features and Tech Stacks used

eCommerce website is your superb option to thrive in this 21st century if you are a product maker, distributor, or intermediary between buyers and sellers of physical things.

An eCommerce website is your superb option to thrive in this 21st century if you are a product maker, distributor, or intermediary between buyers and sellers of physical things.

No matter what your business is related to, whether your company sells electronics or clothing, you must connect with your customer online in order to gain customers and compete with other brands or companies. The raising pathway to gain more customers is through an eCommerce website.

Although an eCommerce website is a solution and the best tool to gain more customers, using the ideal technological stack may be challenging.

So, in order to assist you to choose the best stack, We’ll discuss what an eCommerce technology stack is, why it’s significant, and a list of the best eCommerce solutions available in the market.

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What is an eCommerce Tech Stack?

The collection of frameworks, tools, applications, platforms, and programming languages required to operate and manage an eCommerce website or app is known as an eCommerce Tech stack.

Generally, the tech stack consists of two major parts. That is,

  1. Frontend tech stack – for client-side. 
  2. Backend tech stack – for server-side.

Front End Tech Stack

The elements of an eCommerce website that a user may view in his browser and interact with are built using front-end development tools. Front-end technologies are used to create everything that a user sees while accessing a website or app.

Your clients are likely to leave your site without completing a purchase or visiting a product if a product page loads slowly, so the frontend technology plays a significant role in the success of the eCommerce website.

HTML and CSS are the foundation for an eCommerce website, while JavaScript is a key component to creating a more interactive, animated fancy. Furthermore, there are various JavaScript frameworks and libraries to create frontends easily and efficiently. Such frameworks include Angular, Vue, React, jQuery, and many more. With these technologies, you can have a eCommerce web app for your storefront.

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Backend Tech Stack

Backend technology is a code that enables an eCommerce website to run and function smoothly and cannot be viewed by a user. This includes managing orders, catalog expansion, search engine optimization, page modification, scaling the business, user registration, payment processing, and many more.

The backend plays a vital role in the success of an eCommerce website, as everything except the user interface is handled by the backend of the website. If the backend of the website is not perfect, then the entire website is likely not to work smoothly.

The major backend technology includes JavaScript frameworks such as NodeJS, ExpressJS, PHP, Python, .Net, C#, Ruby, and Rails.

Feature that your eCommerce needs in order to succeed

  1. Responsiveness and Easy Navigation
  2. Reviews
  3. Live Chat Feature
  4. Search Option
  5. Faster Speed
  6. Integrated Secured Payment Gateway
  7. FAQ Section

1. Responsiveness and Easy Navigation

Your eCommerce website must be fully responsive and mobile-friendly in order to effectively resize on any size browser from any device. As you are aware, a significant percentage of internet traffic now originates from mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, thus it is essential that your website be mobile-friendly in order to gain more customers and increase conversion.

Moreover, the website needs to be easy to navigate. Make sure your website has simple navigation so that visitors don’t get confused or lost when browsing.

2. Reviews

Reviews can be the best tool to gain more customers and build trust among them. It promotes trust among your website’s users and garners a lot of media attention, both of which eventually boost your SEO rankings.

So, never forget to put a review section on your eCommerce website.

3. Live Chat Feature

The live chart allows for immediate contact to guide your visitors through whatever step they are struggling with, it is extremely valuable to your website. 

Good customer service is what keeps a brand sustainable in global competition. So, the live chat feature is the best tool for an eCommerce website.

4. Search Option

Users don’t want to navigate more to purchase, a single product search bar is what makes your visitors much easier to find the product and information they need. Make sure it’s prominent and obvious on your website.

5. Faster Speed

A faster website is what a user prefers.

Higher speed may result in Higher user engagement, retention, and conversion. You can use page speed tools to analyze and improve the speed of the website. If your website doesn’t load correctly, visitors will leave.

6. Integrated Secured Payment Gateway

The conversion rate and client experience are improved by integrating well-known payment options. Secure payment options like PayPal, Stripe, Apple Pay, and Braintree should be supported by your website.

Moreover, if you want to scale up, add mobile orders. You should think about integrating Apple Pay or Google Pay into your website.

7. FAQ Section

Your consumers can have particular inquiries about your company’s services or goods. For such consumers, the FAQ area is the go-to resource. Add FAQs to your eCommerce website. The consumers have the choice to look up their questions on the FAQ page before making a call or messaging.


Your online storefront should be simple to use. It must have all the necessary elements, including responsiveness and easy navigation, reviews, a call to action, appropriate navigation, live chat, and more.

For adding necessary elements your website must use proper front and backend which we have already discussed. So, you need a skilled and experienced developer in developing eCommerce app.
Keeping your needs in mind, we are here to help you to build a eCommerce website for you. Get started right now!

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